wedding services

semi-custom invitations

Love and hard study are the central themes of the collection I have realized for year 2018. Six adaptable sets are available-colors, materials, printing techniques, and accessories may be customized on the clients’ request. They can be matched with one or more accessories, such as sealing wax or hand-written addresses. The whole design is ready, but only your creativity will make your invitations really unique.

bespoke invitations

If you have already made up your mind about your wedding day, and you want your main wedding stationary invitations to mirror yourself and your tastes, we may plan a customized design project. You will choose the colors, the styles, the dimensions, the printing types and techniques, the paper, whatever makes you feel happy and satisfied. Your main invitations will be definitely unique and inimitable, an original service just tailored on you.


Envelopes closed by enchanting wax sealings, or with your guests’ name beautifully handwritten are just two examples of the accessories I offer. These are the stylish details a couple of bride and groom may add to their main invitations in order to make them absolutely personal. I offer a so wide range of options that you won’t be able to find any invitations not even similar to yours.

wedding design

You long for an unforgettable wedding design. You want your guests to appreciate and notice every single detail-all the decorations and the key corners (tableau de marriage, sweet table, party favor table, …) must be carefully planned and realized. That’s what I do! We will look for brilliant ideas and the most appropriate solutions about the service and the location of the reception.