I’m Alice

something more about me

I live in Turin, in the North-West of Italy, but I like travelling and I always draw inspiration from everything a foreign country may offer. I am a graphic and set designer; I also deal with wedding planning as I help couples to make their wedding day unique. I usually provide them with main wedding stationary invitations, wedding stationary, and wedding design projects. The keywords in my job are: handmade, craftsmanship, and Made in Italy.

I also support small companies and self-employed workers to create their graphic profile-I realize intuitive operational, but also appealing websites.

I set up my business in a wholly white loft-apartment in 2014. Officine Biancospino is the name of my studio, and it is also the name of the team I make with my friend and photographer Margherita Calati. We share the loft-apartment and the Officine Biancospino when we work together-although, I deal with the styling, and she handles the photography, we share a lot of ideas, and projects.

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